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Agricultural and viticultural business law

KELTEN has a team specialising in agricultural and viticultural business law.

It assists and advises managers of agricultural and viticultural businesses on all the legal and tax issues they may encounter in relation to agricultural companies and groups, rural law, as well as vine and wine law.

  • Setting up operating companies and landholding companies (GAEC, EARL, SCEA, SARL and SAS with an agricultural/viticultural corporate purpose statuses) (GFA, GFV, SCI, etc. statuses)
  • Negotiation of financial and legal terms and conditions for the sale and acquisition of shares (deeds of sale, memorandums of understanding, GAP/Seller’s warranty, etc.)
  • Legal monitoring and administrative formalities: approval of accounts, one-off operations (increase/reduction in share capital, transformations, dissolutions, etc.)
  • Helping farmers and winegrowers set up in business

Legal and tax optimisation of farm business transfers (long-term leases, matrimonial property regimes, gifts, wills, Dutreil agreements, etc.)

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