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Public law

Thanks to its expertise and training, our team is able to advise and litigate on all aspects of public law for public, semi-public and private bodies.

The team works closely with the firm’s other departments, adopting a project-based approach to ensure the best possible response to the complexity of your needs and projects.

  • Contractual arrangements adapted to current requirements: circular economy – functionality economy – environmental and social clauses, etc.
  • Public procurement: award (needs assessment, tender documents) – performance
  • Concessions: public service delegation – development
  • Pre-contractual referral (unsuccessful candidate) – contractual referral
  • Civil service law: state civil service – local civil service – hospital civil service
  • Public labour law: dismissal of protected employees – obligations of the project owner/protection of employees – safety and the environment
  • Support in exercising their powers
  • Intercommunality
  • Public finance
  • Subsidies
  • De facto management
  • Property
  • Planning: territorial coherence scheme (SCOT) – local town planning scheme (PLU) – inter-communal local town planning scheme (PLUi) – (PVAP/Heritage and Architecture Valorisation Plan)
  • Development: concerted development zone (ZAC) – housing estate – rehabilitation, etc.
  • Planning permissions: application for planning permission – building permit – prior declaration…
  • Sanitation
  • Public property / Private domain – Public domain
  • Acquisition – transfer
  • Occupation: authorisation/temporary occupation contract – long lease

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