Our expertise

Property law

Our team has developed leading expertise in the optimisation of professional and private assets and their transfer.

Our team advises managers, family businesses and individuals on optimising and structuring their business or private assets.

Our team of experts in estate planning has multidisciplinary knowledge and works closely with our clients’ other advisers (chartered accountants, notaries, etc.) to create a personalised, secure solution tailored to each of our clients.

  • Interposition of holding companies
  • Structural organisation of business and personal property
  • Setting up posthumous and future protection mandates
  • Analysis of matrimonial contracts and assistance in adapting them to meet needs and challenges
  • Audit of asset situation
  • Search for appropriate solutions for the transfer of business assets (setting up a Dutreil Agreement, interposing a company, donation and sale, etc.)
  • Assistance with the transfer process (gifts, donations, inheritance, etc.)
  • Support in preparing the succession in advance and protecting the surviving spouse

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