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Economic law

Our team advises medium-sized and large businesses on all their operational activities, from procurement to the sale of their products or services to end consumers, by implementing contracts and distribution strategies tailored to the various business sectors and in compliance with economic regulations.

It has developed a leading expertise in franchise law and assists numerous franchisors in setting up, monitoring and developing their networks.

Our team also assists clients in connection with inspections by the DREETS and DDPP (regional and departmental economic and labour authorities) or litigation before the national courts or the Autorité de la Concurrence (Competition Regulator) on all issues relating to economic law.

  • Identification and prevention of antitrust risks (cartels and abuse of dominant positions)
  • Assistance with investigations by the authorities (DREETS and DDPP) and national and European competition authorities
  • Compensation for competitive damage
  • Unfair competition and restrictive competition practices
  • Advice on restrictive practices, particularly in the context of industry/trade relations (referencing, commercial cooperation agreements, discriminatory practices)
  • Implementation of competition law compliance programmes
  • Advice for and drafting of contracts for setting up distribution networks: exclusive distribution, selective distribution, franchising, group purchasing, trade intermediaries, etc.
  • Drawing up “B-to-B” general terms and conditions (sales, provision of services, purchasing) and assistance in negotiating special terms and conditions
  • Assistance with customer-supplier commercial negotiations: training for operational staff, assistance with drafting and negotiating single agreements (EGALIM 1 and 2/food parliamentary assemblies regulations)
  • Drafting of B-to-C general terms and conditions of sale
  • Advertising and promotional operations (competitions, bonus sales, etc.)
  • Audit of pricing practices (resale at a loss, supervision of sales promotions, etc.)
  • Misleading commercial practices
  • R&D, market or industrial subcontracting and co-contracting, commercial leases

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